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Looking for ways to make some money from home?

make money online
Well, let me tell you there are a LOT of them out there. Where to get started with it all?!


Affiliate Marketing

Probably one of the most popular ways to make money online is affiliate marketing. Don’t worry, you won’t have to call anyone at their home or business doing this! You shouldn’t have to call anyone ever to be an affiliate. You do not need a product to sell and you do not need to buy anything either.  All you need to do is fill out an affiliate form for most programs and wait to see if you are approved, which usually isn’t too long of a wait.

You can choose what you want to promote as an affiliate marketer. There are countless affiliate programs out there to choose from and as long as you have a website of your own, you can add their related product links to your website. Interested in learning more about affiliate marketing?


Freelance Writing

If you enjoy writing this may be exactly what you’ve been looking for all this time. You can actually make some money writing online for a lot of different places. There are places that will pay you for writing quality articles for them. You can also offer your writing services to websites, magazines, and well, pretty much anywhere. You don’t need to be a well-known author of a best-selling book to be a freelance writer, just FYI. Interested in being a freelancer and how you can get started in creating content?



Another way to make money online is through writing blogs. Blog writing is much like freelance writing, but usually with a bit more freedom on what you write about. You can blog about whatever you want if you own the actual blog website, whether it be about what you ate for dinner or your opinion on the world economy. Although a freelancer that owns their own website can do the same, it may not be in their best interests to do so since it may affect whether they seem focused enough on whatever topic they specialize writing about. Make sense? I hope so, since I have a hard time figuring out the difference between blogging and freelancing myself.

Anyways, about blogging, at least in my opinion. Either you can write your own personal blogs or get paid to write blog posts on other sites. Blog posts are much like writing articles, but are usually more informal and shorter in length than an article. A blog is more personal and conversational, almost like the writer, well, blogger, is having a conversation with you.


Local Marketing

You can make money using your talents at promoting products in your local area too. Offering to help your local businesses for a certain fee can be an option to make money, not only for you, but your local business owners. Just take a look around you and you will find businesses that will be happy to have your help in getting customers through their doors. How do you get started in local marketing?


Website Building

If you’re just starting out at this, I’m sure you’re thinking, “Yeah, right! I’ll need to have a degree…I don’t know how to build websites. I don’t even have one now!”

Is it what you’re thinking? Truth is, you don’t. Website building is not that hard anymore and you can have one up and running quite easily. Heck, I don’t have a degree in website building, but here I am. On just one of my very own websites that I built using WordPress. A few years ago, I could barely send an email! You can build one too and you can do it free also. I never thought I could do this either, but I did and now, I’d like to show you how you can start your own website.

There’s people out there that will pay you for taking the time to build them a website for their business to promote their products or services. Remember local marketing? Hmmm, just think how many businesses in your local area have a website? Not many? Well, then. There you go!

Okay, I know. This is going to be long, so hang on there! If you’ve read this far, I must say I truly appreciate it! Keep reading for more work from home ideas…


Product Reviews

There’s actually places that will pay you to review their products. Usually they will pay so much per review and some may even send you a free sample of their product to keep! You shouldn’t have to pay to review their product, so if they are asking you to pay anything to review it, forget it and keep on going!

Actually, there are a lot more than products that you can do reviews on. You can review websites, online and even local offline services, articles, etc.



You can earn money with that camera of yours! Especially if it is a higher quality one, but it doesn’t have to be the most expensive or fancy camera out there either. I guess as long as you can get clear, good looking pictures with it, I would say go give it a try! There seems to be quite a few websites out there that offer to pay you for the use of your photographs. Interested? I sure am, lol! I happen to love taking pictures!


Pay Per Click

Pay per click or PPC is also a great way to make money online. A lot of people use PPC to earn quite a bit, but then again there are others who lose out in this. I must say before doing any kind of PPC advertising program, please make sure you know what you are doing first. There is training on how to do this out there, so don’t get above your head with this one.

PPC ads all depend upon the network you choose to use them through such as Google or MSN, what niche you are focusing on, and what is popular at the time.

Okay, well, what exactly is PPC? PPC advertising is when you have to pay a certain amount, let’s say $0.10, every time someone clicks on these ads, which will bring visitors to your website and hopefully they’ll buy something while they’re there! You only pay when someone clicks on the ad you bought to get the person to your site.


Sell Your Own Products

Do you enjoy making things? Maybe you’re an artist, jewelry maker, ebook writer, seamstress or tailor, decorator, or whatever!  If you can build or create something, you can sell it online. You’d be surprised at what people are looking for. Got you thinking? Of course, if you already have your own brick and mortar business and don’t have a website for it yet, well, what are you waiting for? Promote your business online!

People are using the internet more than ever to find local businesses rather than looking through pages and pages of the phone book. It’s so much easier looking it up on the internet, especially if you can’t find your newest phone book. So many people have computers, laptops, smart phones, Ipads, etc. that they can use to get on the internet now.


Promote Your Own Services

Do you have skills that you can use to help others in your area? Maybe you are able to do things like odd jobs here and there, carpentry, paint, run errands for others, dog walking…just to name a few ideas.  A few good questions to think of are “what do people need around here?” “what am I willing to do for them?” and “what am I good at doing?” “what am I willing to do that others don’t want to do?”

Okay, that is IT! Whew!

For now anyways, lol.

If you’ve stuck it out and read through this entire page, I must say I sincerely Thank you for reading!

Got anything you’d like to add to this list? Have questions? Just let me know in the comment box below! I’ll be happy to hear from you either way. 🙂

Best wishes,


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